SHANCAT, was originated after having experienced a lack of international demarche inside the Food/Delicatessen Retail sector.

Our Clients/Distributors handle an outrageous amount of products and these are also manufactured by a large number of Producers, which have no direct influence on the points of sales. Also, bearing in mind that Producers and Retailers handle very different working processes and realities it makes it very difficult for Clients to efficiently update all Producers with their market needs and accurate sales information. The absence of productivity data, is not only due to the enormous amount of SQU’s Clients manage, but also, to their hectic and chaotic day to day working environment.

For this reason, SHANCAT closely selects those Producers with proven excellence, knowledge and solid values to be able to guarantee a long term Partnership relation.

We not only focus on the existing markets but, we are also in a constant search for the best International opportunities for both our Partners and Clients.
This could not be possible without our unique International team who contribute with proven and long term experience in setting up new business throughout the world.

Our mind set is orientated to the final consumer, our awareness  but, above all, our values have led us to become a leading company reference in the Food/Delicatessen field, especially in new market openings thanks to our tailored projects, trust and professionalism.

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Xavier Escardó Pons, is an entrepreneur with a long career as an international executive and businessman.

SHANCAT was born as part of that experience and background. This has led him to occupy different positions of high responsibility in several important companies, both in Latin America, Asia (he has lived abroad on both continents for over 10 years) as well as in Europe.

Xavier Escardó has always felt comfortable creating and improving international businesses, with a different vision by not accepting pre-established standards from the outset.

His perseverance and sensitivity to the market together with his international business mindset, led him to create SHANCAT in 2013.

For more than 30 years he has accumulated experience and knowledge that now, through SHANCAT wants to contribute to Clients and Partners to make their businesses more dynamic and take advantage of the opportunities that thus every day more accelerated and changing world offers us.this world offers us every day more.